The food drone

May I make something That can help people?  The first use of the drone is in the war,to kill persons, yes I can’judge, but we can’create something and use it only to destroy, or in best cases to take a selfie. Today I made a test, a successful test, I transported with my drone 1 kg of rice from one place to another (at a distance of some kilometers) I know that I can do better, but this is for me a great result. There are thousands of possibilities: transport food and medical cares in war zones, carry parcells or mails, pizza delivery 🙂


I’m improving the gps system and the motor thrust to transport heavier loads.

At the moment the drone with this carbon fiber frame can take in the air more than 1.5 kg for many kilometers. One of the problems is to have time for school, homework, sport and this project.



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