My food drone

These days were really difficult, I lost my GoPro, and risked everything that I’ve made. But the project continue, I built as  system to fix the cargo box to the drone and soon will arrive a new on-board computer that will allow piloting the drone by waypoints on a computer map, also I’m working on for new motors … More My food drone

The food drone

May I make something That can help people?  The first use of the drone is in the war,to kill persons, yes I can’judge, but we can’create something and use it only to destroy, or in best cases to take a selfie. Today I made a test, a successful test, I transported with my drone 1 … More The food drone


(gif by flyingdream) Nice cinematic, good use of a drone with a very eficent gimbal Think that I’ll watch it for the rest of the evening (yes,evening in italy now is time for sleep)

A little forward

I’m going a little forward with many little activities in my life, feel so proud. one of my projects is this drone, it’s almost finished , I hope to see it fly soon (other information about this drone now I need only some propellers (ordered today) I’m trying to be more productive but, I’am a simple … More A little forward

Amazing Glider flight !

Today I found on youtube this amazing glider flight At first I thought that I want a glider and after some researches I founded this site SITE, they sell gliders in all Europe, so when I will have enough money… but a the moment we can enjoy this other flight