La penna acab

Un’altra fottuta giornata è passata, scrivo con la matita rubatache avrei dovuto rendere al mio tossico migliore, un tipo pelato che se non fosse stato per meavrebbe ancora i capelli e la matita Advertisements

gelido – frosty

Quei scaldagambe la fanno somigliare ad un pony, ma la voce rimane troppo fredda per immaginare finali migliori. Those warmers make her look like a pony, but her voice is too cold to imagine better finals.   Photo by: me

Awesome place

It’s awesome when you find an exotic place next to you, where you just wasn’t looking or wasn’t looking at the right way, and it’s truly awesome when you find someone to share it. Scilla, Reggio Italy (photo by: me)  


I grew up in a family of the world, different cities, different countries. I was traveling often from Sicily to northern Italy by crossing a thousand landscapes to get from some friends waiting for us with a hot pot and a black cat. Sono cresciuto in una famiglia del mondo, diverse città, diversi paesi. Viaggiavo spesso in macchina dalla … More Cresciuto

on Urali mountains

On the urali mountains, you can find a white friend on the urali mountains, you can loose to much time on the urali mountains, you can be eaten by a wolf during the night in search of the light because you lost too much time during the bright


When you’re exhaust, rest your face on the pillow and after five hours you return among the living whit no fucking idea of what time /year /place is it Sorry for the outburst but this is my mood


    Five confused days and six nights laughing, reading Freud with a purple hair girl with a passion for psychology, sleeping with a brown hair with a passion for me.