Toucan Drone project

Since I remember I love everything that can fly.

Toucan drone project is about a drone that can fly for a very long time transporting whatever you want inside the cargo box. At the moment I’m waiting for some pieces of carbon fiber sheet, the paper project is done and now I’m planning my Kickstarter campaign

Toucan drone is a modular quadcopter, you can choose the battery you want (if you have a heavy lift but you don’t need extra flight time, you will choose a light battery, if you have a light weight you can choose a heavier battery and get an awesome flight time)

The motors have a total thrust of about 3 Kg so the drone can transport a weight from 0g to 2500g.

p.s. in the photo there is a prototype (after painfull landig) with same type of motors

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carbon fiber frame without motors


Carbon fiber arm